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Mahta is a Persian girl's name meaning "moon-like, a beauty".

It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced
Persain girls with the name "Mahta" tend to have many attributes of the moon, such as being exotic and a night owl
by RKazin April 06, 2010
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Beautiful, cute, honest, trustworthy, kind and a sweetheart!!! She is tough and has the heart of gold. A great listener and somebody you can always rely on. Exotic and sexy. A lover, can be used to describe both men and women.
Mahta is best girl in world
by Sxhtdbhh August 16, 2018
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A Iranian(persian)name for girls and its very beautiful
she looks like an angel and once you love her you can't leave her anymore
she just want to love another peopel or her friend and she's so lovely and everyone love her
she's beautiful and hot and very cute
she's very kind and love cats very much
she's so helpful and everytime she can help you
Mahta means look like moon-beauty like moon
by Mahta h:))) August 16, 2018
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If you wondering that who is the best,kindest,loving,funny,amazing and perfect girl in the whole entire universe is,you should actually meet Mahta!
Also,you cannot denial her amazing cuteness,the girl who can make you like “WTF?I are really gorgeous!” and make you laugh like “OMG!wait..a second!let me breathe!I don’t know how to laugh anymore!”
Passing through all this,you gotta be the luckiest person alive to see her pure,strong, powerful heart and if you are special,you could have her support and care.
As a person who knows her the best,Do not forget that she gets angry easily even for no reason so Do not be sad if that madness made her say something stupid because she’s not good at saying sorry(if you don’t mean a lot to her)
Just,whatever happened,she would always love you and be there for you in hard situations if you are her bestie.
Teacher : find me the best person you’ve ever had the chance to meet.
anyone in the class : Can we name her right now?
Teacher : if you are so sure,so,yeah.
anyone in the class : Mahta!
by guess who i am? August 17, 2018
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a persian girl who can't keep her hands off that badass asian boy
THE ASIAN BOY: Dude mahta! just stfu and play ur stupidass bass clarinet.
MAHTA: too keere koochoolooee
by Farci sucks koochoolooee February 20, 2005
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