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Pronounced: Ma - Mood

A complex individual. He is a dark and handsome man with deep deep eyes. His powerful presence can be sensed even when he says no words. When he steps into a room everyone turns to take a look. Yet he is sweet, gentle, and ridiculously funny.
(boom boom - approaching footsteps)

(creeaak - opening door)

(all heads turn)

several people whispering - Who is that?, Wow!, Yummy..

People that know him respond - Its Mahmod!
by Secret_Admirers February 03, 2010
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An Arab guy who has not yet adjusted to Western society. Can usually be found shivering and wearing sweaters in 70 degree weather, cutting his lawn with scissors, and holding books upside-down. Is constantly complaining in broken English about how disrespectful the women are in this country, yet can be found checking out middle school sluts outside of Kosher delis.

His name may or may not actually be Mahmod, but because us uncultured Americans will inevitably be unable to pronounce his name, we just call him "Mahmod". It's ok, he answers, he knows we're talking to him.
Is that Mahmod seriously trying to pay in gold bars? This is a KFC for fucksake...

Airport guy 1: Oh look, a towelhead. Random search, let's go.

Mahmod: I love America! God bless America.

Airport guy 2: Chill man, it's just a Mahmod.
by DJ strumbles July 05, 2010
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