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1. Extremely sassy and witty; great sense of humour and knows when to have fun
2. Strong emotional barriers, appears to be confident but sometimes is actually shitting herself
3. Blunt with her opinions; you can trust her to say it how it is
4. Excellent advice giver; the kind of person that you can tell anything too despite not knowing them that well
5. Typically quite intelligent; has a very complex and moralistic thought approach
6. The kind of gal that is nice to your face but can bitch about you for hours with friends
7. A very loyal person but will cut people out of her life if they threaten or limit her happiness
8. One of the best people you will ever know, cherish them
Person 1: You know Mahjabin don't you?
Person 2: Yeah man, she's so chill I'll introduce you!

Person 1: She's so cute isn't she?
Person 2: Who Mahjabin? Yeah love her, she's so funny omg
by blacksapphire April 05, 2015
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