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Not to be confused with the Hebrew "Lahaim"

Pronounced: Ma-HAI-EM!!!!
NOTE - The more Jewish you sound, the more of an impact the meaning has.

"Mahaim!" is a very versatile word, and is not limited to a single meaning.

Interjection (most common use)
1.(used to express a greeting, answer a telephone, or attract attention.)

2.(an exclamation of excitment, wonder, elation, etc.)

3. The call “Mahaim!” (used as an expression of greeting)

Verb (used without object)
4. To say “Mahaim!”; to cry out or shout.

Verb (used with object)
5. to say “Mahaim!” to (someone)
(see above for context of examples)
1. Jerrid you're home, Mahaim!!
2. The Packers score again! Mahaim!
3. She gave me a warm Mahaim!
4. I Mahaimed!, but no one answered.
5. We Mahaimed! each other as though we had been apart for years!
by n.lombo November 14, 2008
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