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Defense Products company, Makes AR-15 receivers, magazine accessories and a whole bunch of nice things. Last thing-e-magic they came up with is a rifle originally called the Masada, but got bought by Bushmaster so now it's called Bushmaster ACR. (ACR for, advanced combat rifle) It was expected to hit the shelves 2nd quarter of 08, but the didn't keep to their word, so now they say it's going to be sometime in 09. The rifle itself is pretty neet. With gas piston operating system, collapsible foldable stock, monolithic upper, picatinny rails all around and all that.
Jim: I have trouble pulling out my magazines under fire because I'm too busy pissing myself.

Tom: Well, try some Magpuls. It's essentially a rubber band on the tip of your magazine, but it costs, 20 dollars each.

by Boris....da? December 25, 2008
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