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A derogatory term describing an un-savvy computer users view of what a computer is.
Why my magic toaster no come on? I plug in, but no toast.
by eflatus August 08, 2009
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Any Macintosh computer, whether it be a desktop or laptop. Game companies despise the Magic Toaster, seeing it fit only to make toast (which it fails at doing anyways.) The Magic Toaster needs specialized equipment in order to do simple tasks. This is why the vast majority of programs either are PC or Mac compatible. The Magic Toaster simply cannot handle the PC's superiority.
My college major required me to use a Mac, so I switched over from the PC, only to find all my programs don't work with it. Now I have determined it doesn't work for anything, except make toast after heating up after an hour of use. Magic Toaster sux.
by Hojtastic September 02, 2009
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