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this girl is the most perfect girl out there. she is gorgeous, beautiful, amusing, and compassionate. she girl can take your breath away with just one glance or one word. it's unbelievable. multiple guys like her, but she's very focused on school and thinks that relationships at this point in life are pointless. my goal is to change her mind...
Me: I really like this girl Maggie (Margaret)... she's the best.
Bob: Really?!?
Me: Yes, I think I'm going to ask her to prom!
Bob: Good Luck.
Me: I'm probably going to need it.
by hawke-attack December 11, 2011
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Although generally very caring and gentle, with a goofy side shown to those trusted that shines brighter than the sun, Maggie has a reserved side. Whether hidden by jokes and a pretty face or in plain sight, it can be very intense. She can be very tolerant, but if you get her angry or mess with her friends she can tear you to pieces with a single stare or a slap across the face. Hugs are abundant, and make sure you're genuine. Although complicated at first glance, if you get past it she is extremely passionate, especially if you get her "in the mood". If she seems distant, she's probably contemplating something extremely complex and interesting, in her own world, thinking of life between the sheets, or asking herself random questions. Be careful, because once you hurt her she will ache for a long time under the surface. If she has a crush on you, make sure to make your social media public so she can look at every post just like she wants, and don't be afraid to make a move, because she'll always be understanding and willing to scoop you up in an embrace. (From a Maggie!)
"Did you see Maggie (Margaret)? She yelled at him so loudly he left with his tail between his legs!"
"Did you hear about what she said to Maggie? She looks.... broken."
"Holy crap, she's been stalking him every minute of the day for a week!"
by oppressivewombat April 18, 2018
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