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A multi-server IRC game bot, it's current main channel and server is #Mafiabot on Rizon ( It is quite a simple game, which people make it sound complicated because they're too dumb to read the topic, the message they get from the bot on joining, and a mass failure to read the pm's from the bot, and listen to the older players of the game, too help them out.

It also relays messages from each server, like this:

<~MafBot> Stewie(Sw): no
<~MafBot> Stewie(Sw): family reuinion lol

"Stewie" was talking on SwiftIRC (You can tell via the tag).

The bot is kinda laggy if it isn't allowed to have flood protection, which is why it now primarily functions on Rizon, than Swift, because it has flood protection on Rizon, while not on Swift, It's a good addictive game with some nice people, although, if a certain person becomes jealous of you, he will endlessly kill you, everytime he gets a killing role, to the stage where he kills you so much, you can't actually play when he registers into the next game.
MafBot really could be a good irc game if sad losers didn't pathetically grudge people for 2+ months straight.
by Iamnotyouokaybye July 10, 2009
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