One of the nicest girls around. Straight A student, cute, hot, and sexy all in one!! Many girls become jealous of Madison, but they can't get angry at her because she is tough and strong too. You are very lucky if you come across a Madison.
Boy: damn.... Madison.
by Wadawesome June 01, 2011
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The coolest girl you will ever meet. She has shoulder-length blonde hair with extremely blue eyes that light up when she's laying down in the grass. She is an awesome friend, and you'll never meet anyone with a better personality. She is so much fun to be around, and is an awesome leader. Guys fall at her feet, noticing her beauty and her charm, but she only goes for one, loving him till she dies. She usually has one awesome blonde friend who looks like her. You never wanna do something wrong to Madison, because she is awesome at every sport she tries and is extremely strong and is amazing with words.

Tommy: DANG! Did you see Madison today?!
Brock: Nah man, I only saw Hananh.
Tommy: Dude, she's smoking.
by iamnumber8 January 30, 2011
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Madison is a classic name.
If you are an adult with the name madison, then you are just fucking weird because no one knew of the name then..

If you are a teenager with the name Madison, You are probably blonde and sexy and fucking amazing, because u were named after the Mirmaid in the movie Splash from the 80's..

If you are a child with the name Madison..Then Im sorry, you are just a little clone of the sexy Madison's in their teens and 20's..
"Damn...That girl is fiiinnnee...She is so hot her name must be Madison!"
by Madison007 February 28, 2007
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Someone who is outspoken and sexy she has an amazing style and is tall and tan and has brown hair. shes fun to hang with and will make a awesome girlfreind, all the girls are jealous of madison and they wish to become her.. she has a laugh that could make anyone laugh along with her.. She is simply AMAZING! Jersey Shore Gives this itlian a bad name.
Boy 1; Madison is the best person every

Boy 2; I know dont wish you were dating her

Boy 1; I do

Boy 2; To Bad BITCH! im dating her already!!! FUCK YEA!!
by jerimaih Harhyg December 27, 2009
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The BEST FREAKING PERSON on this earth! shes blonde and beautiful and she knows it but is modest. Shes an amazing friend and is THE BEST DANCER! she always cheers you up and she smiles. She is joy to everyone that knows her!!!! and is totally gonna go far! shes also the best friend you will ever have because she will keep your secrets!!!
Hey Girl!

Oh! Hi! Whats up?
Girl you are so nice! You have to be a madison
by Tineesunshine October 24, 2012
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Unisex name in English speaking countries

Meaning: Son of Maud; Matthew's son

Gender: Both

Origin: English

Pronunciation: MA-dih-son

Transferred use of the surname meaning "son of Maud"; and also perhaps "Mad's son", Mad being a common pet form of Matthew during the Middle Ages.

Although Madison, today, is given as a name to both genders, it isn't a legitimate unisex name as it's meaning is masculine.
"Hey Madison, you wanna go chill at the spot?"

"Yeah sure!"
by hannah82 July 17, 2009
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Madison is the most gorgeous, amazing girl you will ever meet in your life, and is an awesome kisser, as long as shes not by a window! She is a very loveable person and will love you back if you get to know her. She tends to have a ton of stories, and tends to fall for guys that are sarcastic,, loud and outgoing. She loves theatre and is a prud thespian. Her favorite animal is the turtle, but she likes owls and draws pictures of them quite often. If you get to know madison you will experience pure joy every time you see her, come rain or shine. She will be the best girlfriend in the world if you become intimate enough with her to have a relationship, and you will wish every girl in the world was like her, but you know that if they were she would still be better than all the rest. You start off meeting her for the first time and obtain feelings for her and then you will eventually become to love her. She is truly the most amazing girl in the whole universe
that girl is such a madison!! i can't stop thinking about how amazing she is!!
by b-rad the president! November 15, 2011
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