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One of the all-girls boarding/day schools in Virginia (also Chatham, Foxcroft, etc.). Difference is, only people with money go here. No merit scholarships (unlike Chatham and Foxcroft), and they don't have much money for financial aid. Just because they go to a boarding school doesn't mean they're smart.... when there aren't resources for smart people to go to boarding schools, the schools get filled up with people who have money (aka the people who have had everything handed to them their whole life....). Plus they only go to school 4/7 days of the week, and that's the education...
Chatham Girl: "I'm actually smart; I came because of the Nilsen Scholarship! I got over 90% on a national test, have a perfect academic record, and am a born leader!"

Foxcroft Girl: "I'm here because of a scholarship, too! Because I'm into math and science and have done an amazing amount of community service, I got one of the Mars Scholarships!"

Madeira Girl: "Well, I got into Madeira School, I guess. And since the smarter people couldn't come because of the financial drain, everyone else came! Now, my parents get to pay over $48,000, and I get to skip class on Wednesday!"

Chatham Girl/Foxcroft Girl: "Good luck getting into college..."
by RSparkles December 22, 2011
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