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MadaDei (also TobiDei) is a name for the Naruto slash pairing MadaraxDeidara. This pairing came from the manga's revelation of Tobi's true identity.

This pairing mainly comes from Tobi and Deidara being partners in the Akatsuki, and even though Deidara died before Tobi's identity was revealed, there's still several fanfics.

If you search one of the pairings, you'll probably find more results by searching "TobiDei"

In hardcore yaoi fanfictions, Madara/Tobi is normally shown as the seme, with him being taller, older, and generally stronger than Deidara.

This pairing isn't as popular as SasoDei, but it's slowly climbing it's way to the top.
"MadaDei FTW!"
"TobiDei. God, read the manga."
by Lilyyan May 01, 2010
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