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A true leader's noodle as seen in the 70's soft core porn Emmanuelle and Playboy's series Electric Blue, which most guys my age would watch between the wavy blocked lines of cable. Masturbation is so easy for the Millennials, that they stopped doing it. They have protested everything. Including masturbation. The dark ages were more fun and Dr. Ruth spins in her grave, which she lovingly shares with Janet Reno. Janet thanks you...VERY MUCH.
Emmanuelle: He was average. But, he spun his macroni right round.
Peaches: He must be French. Beats that pervert Hugh Grant.
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by HearMyName June 16, 2018
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When you can't describe something horribly terrifying that you want to look away from but you can and yet it's completely awesome for the pure fact that it exists and or is currently happening.
1"Did i just see a midget climb out of a cows vagina?"
by CarlOnDutyBlackCops January 21, 2015
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