An adolescent who exhibits both exceptional athletic aptitude and impressive mental capacity. It is not uncommon to find one of these uncommon persons with anomalously honed social skills, often resulting in widespread popularity. While composing only a small minority of the population, these truly gifted individuals are statistically very successful in a wide range of careers. Other persons with fewer inherent gifts have often been observed to attempt to belittle these more gifted characters, but usually their attempts are both unfounded and fruitless.
I want to be a Macneil, but I just don't have the grades.
by g4lifetilIdie August 03, 2009
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A morbidly obese individual who refuses to begin a healthy lifestyle despite acquiring all necessary resources to do so.
"Hey! Wanna come to the gym? Surely you're out of excuses to not come by now."
"Uhhh- my mom said I can't."
"Oh don't be such a Ryan MacNeill!"
by iLoveIslam March 28, 2017
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Breanna macneil is this type of bird poop that people try to avoid
Aaron: Bro you got some bird shit on you!

Todd: fuck I was trying to ignore getting some breanna macneil on me today
by Maccibres February 11, 2018
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