One who is very deliberate when flirting.
"That girl is hot but so out of your league.. you should try to get her number."
"Watch and learn, I'm about to give her the Mack-attack..there's no way she'll say no."
by Shhmegs November 16, 2012
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Are you lonely? Are you looking for a good time. There's the one. There's the only sweet wacky macky Mack Attack can give you a good a GOOD time for little to no less than an Abe Lincoln out of your pocket!
Dang man, I sure wish I had Mack Attacks number right now.
by Twittedtwat June 26, 2019
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The act of men relentlessly pouncing on/approaching a newly single girl, reverting to stalking and possible trench- coat- related confrontation.
Girl 1: Oh my god, it's so great to be single!
Girl 2: You better watch out for the mack attack.
Girl 1: What's that?
Girl 2: Bitch you done.
by shahbaz choudry April 08, 2011
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The destructive force unleashed when one of a typically passive nature is provoked into violence.
News Anchor: 25 children are dead and 18 are seriously injured after a Mack Attack occured at an elementary school this morning. Causes are still being investigated, but authorities believe the suspected perpetrator became agitated at actions of classmates and unleashed 250,000 megawatts of destructive power.

Jeffery: Yo! You missed it! I was just looking at his notebook when he had a complete Mack Attack! It was crazy! Steve is in the hospital, they say he may never have a face again!
by Macattack27 December 04, 2008
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1) When ones virtuous nature becomes a severe and complete vice unto others

2) Surprise Trolling/Spam, (the coherence of which is often disputed) in a collection of incoherent spams/trolls. Usually involves bringing back something completely worthless or of insignificant value, in a string of worthless attempts at references or personal history, to shame/bring glory to someone/thing.

3) The first two combined

also known as Cryptic internet trolling
i.e. 'Message Authentication Code'
(hence 'Mack' attack)

in general, this internet technique is dualistic in nature and will half the user's social & IRL life span, upon use.

IRL circumstances you are considered insane

<will> hi mack
<mack> I am so totally going to
<mack> knock back a 100g for will
<mack> I told u I was hardcore
<mack> benzos, restoril
<Zephism> lol
<mack> for a weekend of fun
* wahrheit sets mode +b *@*.AOL
* wahrheit kicked mack (Ripper is half a decade old, Fuck off).
<Zephism> klonopins
<Zephism> haha, mack attacked


<garian> hey mack
<mack> hey garian,
<mack> so I got Z-lined from slacknet
<garian> hahahaha
<mack> Dragon ball Z-lined
<garian> :(
<garian> mack...
<CHz> I hope you die
<mack> >:(
* mack has quit IRC (Dreams do come true >:()
by Gooberjoob September 06, 2008
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