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Don't listen to that fag Hakko, everyone knows that Macho Fox is the most perverted macho animal.
Macho fox is twisted in the head,
He keeps the bones of his victims under his bed,
If you ever cross paths you'll end up dead,
He keeps dismembered corpses in his shed,
If you look in his basement it gets even worse,
The things down there are really perverse,
He keeps a gimp called Syvoran locked in a box,
He uses him to guard prisoners when he's raping jocks,
He loves nothing more than to torture poor kids,
They beg for mercy but that he forbids,
He holds them down and pisses on their faces,
Then cuts up their bodies and stuffs them in briefcases,
He never fears capture or arrest,
He only lives to rape and molest,
He laughs at other macho animals and their tiny cocks,
And says "no-one is more perverted and sick than Macho Fox!"
by LoboParamilitary April 18, 2004
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the most macho of all animals.
current macho animal team consists of:
Macho Tiger
Macho Fox
Macho Lion
Macho Dog
Macho wolf
Macho Hippo
macho hippo being machoest and macho wolf being most perverted

they are the most macho of all
the'll kick you in the balls

macho animals, macho animals!

there sick, there deranged
the'll watch you getting changed

macho animals, macho animals

dont forget they always use protection
and the'll wank off your erection

macho animals, macho animals.....
by Hakko April 14, 2004
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