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A drinking game where you fill a large glass with several beers and pass it around to several people in a circle while singing the macho mug song. The song goes like this and is sung to the tune of Macho Macho Man:

Macho Macho Mug, <Name> is drinking the macho mug.

This is continually sung until the entire glass is passed around and consumed.
Man I was hammered last night after playing macho mug.
by whiteyh December 07, 2008
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a drinking game.
what you need;
a large bottle/pitcher
beer or any kind of alcohol and mixers

fill the bottle up with beer (or equal parts alcohol and mixer) and pass the bottle around singing ;

"macho macho mug! (insert name here) is gonna chug the macho mug!"

"macho macho bottle! (insert name here) is gonna throttle the macho bottle!"

pass around until the whole thing is gone (:
Macho Macho Mug! Jen is gonna chug the macho mug!
by yeahthatperson April 26, 2011
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A macho Mug is a drinking game. The tools needed to make a macho mug are simple. A very large pitcher, beer, and a large group of people. The pitcher full of beer starts at one part of the cirlce. As the person begins to drink, the other members of the circle begin to sing "Macho Macho Mug!!!, (insert name here) is gonna start the Macho Mug!!" This person then passes the pitcher to his left and the song begins again, except this time "start" is replaced with drink. When the final person of the circle has the mug, the rest of the group sings " Macho Macho Mug, (insert name here) is gonna finish the mach mug" and that person finishes the pitcher.
Hey, Lets go hit the Macho Mug....
by MachoMug June 21, 2010
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