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Carter: wait a second. We can’t go like this. Look at this place, we gotta look fly. We gotta Mac out
(taken from Rush hour 2)
by fiekha March 30, 2011
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Someone who has switched from a PC user, to a Mac user. These people can either be annoying as hell, or people that were influenced by those shit talking commercials.
John: "My old computer had too many problems. I finally decided I had to mac out."
Jason: "Dude, mac's have just as many problems..."
by CawCayShin January 17, 2009
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To mac out is to chill the fuck out.

Used by seriously sophisticated cultured inderviduals with unusual vonuncular.

Often pretentious types with glasses.
Mate we need to roll out.

Nah homeslice we need to mac out, I'm baked you feel me.

Yo for sure.
by Bigharry July 07, 2017
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the process of a hospital calling the LA county medical alert center to present an uninsured patient. the private hospital staff is strongly advised by their management to get the uninsured bums,drug addicts, drunks and hood rats to a county hospital.
we need to mac out the pancreatitis in bed 6 he has no insurance!

by weasel 72 April 25, 2007
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