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The most beautiful girl in the World. She is so easy to talk to, laughs at everything, biggest klutz in the World, makes anyone laugh, tiny little girl, been through more pain than most but is so clever and smart and doesn't let it show. She is truly one of the most amazing girls I have ever seen and gotten the lucky chance to meet. Also has the nicest ass in the World.
Hey have you met Mabry yet? You should. She's hott!
by chsbachelor December 07, 2010
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Amazingly talented and athletic beyond belief. Loves to do parkour. Amazingly can learn new techniqes and ways to do things in less then an hour. Probably Has a Above average dick and can go for hours in bed. A Mabry usualy has no real purpose in life other then that one girl. Mabry's tend to actualy lisen to there girl and care.
Oh my god did u see how he actualy lisened to me. he is SUCK a Mabry.

Did you just see him jump from that roof to that one. He has to be a Mabry.
by Anon235235 December 31, 2011
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Mabry is a total hottie and with one glance she'll already have your heart in a headlock she can also be the most sweetest girl to live so if you ever come across a mabry make sure to stick around cause she'll make it worth it
"Hey have you met Mabry yet she's a total babe!"
by YeetEM May 18, 2018
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Total jerk that with a smile and some bullshit words charm people.

a person who gets lots of girls with little or no real tact, charm or ability. a hollow shell who goes day to day lying and cheating to get what they want.

typically well dressed in an overly trendy hipster, preppy, italian style, but over all a souless jerk.

Looked up to by the impressionable and simple minded.
Look at Tom with his stupid vans, he thinks he's so Mabry
by THS student January 04, 2007
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