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Most beautiful Asian looking Ecuadorian in the whole wide world who is random and artsy with a low self esteem. She loves hello kitty, the color pink, monster energy drinks accompanied by m&m's with peanuts, squares, sunflowers, Fight Club (the movie), tuna with rice, and oatmeal raisin cookies, she's very random and she's so hood. The girl who gets gully with grown ass men when they bump into her on the streets, the girl who will kick anyone’s ass for you. A true friend :) I think she's perfect. So unique you wouldn't believe she existed. My bbylahh, Mi muñequita, My BFFL!, my Mabeline. <3
person #1- Omg who is that pretty looking girl over there!?

me- That's my bbylahh!, my mabeline!, AND NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER, SHE IS MINES! :)

maybe it's mabeline,

maybe it is :)

Mabeline Mabez Madie BBFL bbylahh Mi Muñequita
by kRizkRiz January 29, 2010
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