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A small and meaningless word spelled with ”an M, an R, a small x, and one L”.

Origin: An MST3K sketch.
Mike: Hi, everyone. Mike Nelson...
Crow: Hi.
Mike:, welcome to the Satellite of...
Servo: Are you ready for some spirit?!
Mike: Huh?
Servo: All right! All right! All right! Don't you want to hear it! The Satellite of Love has got oddles of spirit! Yay!
Crow: Okay.
Servo: Give me an S!
Mike: No.
Servo: Give me an A!
Crow: Hmm... No.
Servo: Give me a, give me a T!
Mike: Nuh-uh.
Servo: Well come on you gotta give me somethin'.
Crow: Well, technically we don't really.
Servo: Aww, come on. Just give me the other T.
Mike: Well, what do we get out of it?
Crow: Yeah!
Servo: Uh... Spirit.
Crow: Huh.
Servo: Woo! Hahaha.
Crow: Okay. We can give you an M, an R, a small x, and one L.
Servo: So, MRxL then. Woo! The Satellite of Love has got MRxL! MRxL! MRxL! Have you got as much, uh-uh uh-uh, MRxL as us?! I don't think so.
Mike: We'll be right back.
Servo: We got the MRxL and you got none! Huh, huh, huh.
Mike and Crow: MRxL.
Crow: Yes... Right.
by Kls January 19, 2005
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That one mate of yours who breaks the large condom
"hey why is he taking 5 condoms into bed with him?,"
"Oh he is Mr XL,"
by The indian ussy crew February 18, 2014
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