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MONSTERBURG: Dave Monsterburg, that is. Award Winning, Celebrity Facebook Comedian Phenom. His posts are non-stop fun, his friends are outrageous. He’s been copied, but never been topped. The humor flows like a river of diarrhea in an old folk’s home. Nothing about the Monsterburg page will ever be “normal”, what is normal anyway? Guaranteed to twist your mind and warp your values; it’s like travelling through the “Comedic Twilight Zone”. Mind distorting humor is there for all to participate and appreciate. The sarcastic brand of humor is not for the feeble minded, weak hearted, or those prone to sharting; nothing is off limits to be made fun of, and nothing will be off limits. The non apologetic comedy is what makes it the best page on Facebook there is. Dave Monsterburg and his lively bunch of cohorts with their “Off” brand of humor will make you pee your pants from laughter.
Can someone call my therapist, I'm addicted to the Monsterburg and can't sign off Facebook.

MOM....Dave Monsterburg made me pee my pants again!
by P@ .....bwhahahaha!! November 21, 2009
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