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A story that does not make any sense at all. The story has to be extremley funny and it must be inside jokes between friends. There must also be alot of monopoly in the story so people wont understand and get really confused. The story also must have alot of inside jokes so mainly you and your friends can understand it only.
Thats the best Monopo guy i have seen ever since mr belding told the officer at the 124th pricinct that he his unable to complete the process. After all the late fees were accrued during those months before 2 o clock the day before yesterday, however kaplan didnt let the deal go through because he had shaved his head only hours before the crime took place. Soly was later involved after sasha fell down and broke moosas nose and as a result rob shit out an egg. But that wasnt enough for sandy so she planted the seads from robs face and 9 months later pauly was born. But Shawn was really upset about the fact that he had to stretch his arm to fix his flat tire while siting in the car and with his other arm waiving up high in the air so he could signal the airplane to come help him get out. But this chain of reaction caused dan to get his hair back from the dry cleaners much earlier than usual. In addition his hair didn't smell has good as he had hoped so he gave his hair back to the dry cleaners and told them that they had to use downy fabric softer. This was new news for sam because he does not eat green eggs and ham. However he told all the boys " yo bro dat shit is messed up man, Bring the pink socks to my house right now or ill kick your ass and bang your mom!! So As a result Shawn got scared and he put his arms away. 2 days later at 12 O Clock Micky Mouse had a baby with harry potter. That boy grew 3 feet tall and his name was Gideon. He was the smartest kid in all of Disney Land. He believed that a big bang happened, when really the bang was harry potter and micky mouse eloping. But gideon got sick of Disney land so he escaped to the twilight zone where Moosa and soly helped little boys gain the posture and walk straight instead of being guse (hump-back). Later on that day everone looked up in the sky as a flying fire ball was heading towards earth. It was Ev gooz, man of fire and cheeze ball. He was a super hero that can transform anything to cheese. Mike AKA Miggles was very happy about that because he ate everything that he turned to cheese. Who ever wanted to try some would get beaten up by the scatman his self!! that caused a big comotion in neverland where dan the realestate tycoon and all of his employees made a turn in the economic development and built many of their buldings. Soon after Dan flew to a forrest in the mountains of the everglades with Mr. Barsky his father where he met with a beaver to negotiate a deal. The beaver was making dans life much eaiser because he ate the trees for free and built water damns for the new development. The oompas created a choclate river where he spent most of his days. This Gave a Big Scare to Kaveh which caused him to do the videos on youtube. As a result he raped all the 12 year olds in his way. So be careful where you drive in the future. It may not be so good for you said so the pig in the red wig!!
by STEVEN GOLTCHE June 17, 2008
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