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Stemmed from popular user-submission based Websites like and, MLIHP refers to the acronym "My Life is Harry Potter", a term often mentioned by extreme fans of the Harry Potter series.
So today I walked up to a girl and said "Are you a dementor? Because you just took my breath away...", she just walked away... Must've been a Twilight fan. MLIHP

Today, a silly Muggle asked me why I was carrying around an old-fashioned "pencil." Little did he know it was actually a 9 inch oak wand with a Phoenix feather core. Silly Muggle. MLIHP.
by Harrry Pottter November 12, 2010
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The poorly done, not very frequently visited website, Which wants so desperately wants to be AverageWizard, which was, in essence, the same thing, but much more popular and stretched out to various Potter related things including but not limited to AVPM (A Very Potter Musical) and PotterPuppetPals. The reason us Potter fans must visit MyLifeIsHarryPotter is because AverageWizard has shut down for some unknown reason.
Today, I pointed my wand at a lightswitch and shouted, 'Lumos Maxima!' It didn't work but I still felt magical. MLIHP
by OpheliaPotter-Malfoy June 21, 2010
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