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The articulate process by which a drunk and horny female, mostly of the promiscuous type in a relationship with another man, grabs the shaft of the male genitalia (aka a boner) with one fist, and then stealthly with the other hand grasps the left or right gluteal while thrusting said male genitalia inside of the vaginal cavity (aka pussy). Girlfriends are not counted in this particular process.

(Dumbed down version)
When a down ass bitch grabs your dick with one hand, your ass by the other, and slam dunks that shit straight into her pussy.
Jeffrey: "Dude... Daniella totally MJ'd me last night..."

Evan: "Fuck that shit son!"
by rolemodel05 April 23, 2009
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A blatant lie or exaggeration of the truth that everyone is aware of; however the perpetrator thinks he has everyone fooled. Often committed by a Dunny or someone who has intense body-odor and is fat.
"Mike just had another MJD"

"Yeah and he stinks too."
by armenian noodle dipper May 31, 2009
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