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Mom Id Not Like To Fuck. This is the total opposite of the popular MILF aka Mom Id Like To Fuck. These types try way to hard to look young and hot after their prime is over. The typical MILF can pull if off without any effort but the MINLF always fails in this department.
You see someone coming down the street you make a hmm sound which then quickly turns into an aww sound,yes you have been MINLF'd. You must give them the 10 foot rule to be on the safe side. They look good from afar but the closer you get the further you want to be.
by The Kozzz May 24, 2009
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(n.) acronym; "Mom I'd Not Like to Fuck". Originated from the acronym MILF "Mom I'd Like to Fuck".
person 1: dude look at that fat mom in gamestop.
person 2: eww she prolly has a saggy vagina and peperoni nipples... no way i would give her an LJ!
person 1: I know, she's a total MINLF!
by blutiger561 July 09, 2010
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