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A Mikila or a person who is named Mikila are wonderful people they are the funniest and the cutest! They love makeup and dye there hair at times. They are great to be around and have many friends. There basically angles! They tend to have brown eyes and blond hair and at the height of around 5ft 4-7 inches. They usually have around 2 siblings mostly girls but boys also. There middle names tend to be spelled β€œlike” weather conditions like rian and rain.
There initials tend to be MG.

I will always love you mik, even though you already have a boyfriend.
by Polarlightmn May 23, 2018
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Mikila's tend to be mugs. Annoying people and quite strange!
Person 1: "Wow did you see mikila playing cards with her grandad?"
Person 2: Yes what a mug! Must be a mikila!
by asdfghjklxoxox March 26, 2012
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