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Self-pittying emo kids who profess to hate emo kids. More in particular: metal heads who claim to be "anti-emo" but are themselves the whiniest bitches on the planet...who are so touchy, you really wonder how they made it this long on planet earth.

They maintain their Tarzan beating chest masculinity by slamming doors, throwing general sissy fits, and making loud noises. They think this makes them, "Hardcore".

They think they're superior to emos, because when they get upset they drink a gallon of Vodka instead of slitting their wrists....While the stereotypical emo eventually dies out from so much "pain" and "suffering"..The MHEMO is like a perpetual blood draining leech on society that will never leave and never die.

MHEMO says: "What did you say? You don't like my hair? I'm gonna fucking kill you man!!! *Gets in a fist fight/and/or throws the guy who made fun of his hair.. out on highway traffic*

MHEMO says:"The stupid fucking Mcdonalds isn't open! What the fuck am I gonna do?! *Breaks chair*
by C.L.K February 01, 2009
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