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Adj. based of the best guild of Gaia around, Mystery Guild or Randomness. MGOR means random in the most unnecessary silliest way. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes annoying. Can be used as an insult, most of times people will find it a compliment.
1)Bunny: *talking miles per minute with no destination* !@#$% <^.^> XDDD DXXX -___- >> YO. gDlsjs BYE.

Summer: Stop being so effin MGOR, it's pissing me off !

2) I can't understand the Random Bar, it's too MGOR for me to take !

3)____: *without warning takes pants off on the bus*
Me: WTF, I dont know you, you MGOR freak.
___: Hehe. ^^

4)me: What the hell is all these different topics by the same dude?

Bunzilla: Who's that?

me: *reads* some kid name Xemry....

Bunzilla: Ohhh, Xemmmyy. Haha, he's cool. He's just being MGOR. yknow? dont hate . What what!
by WinterRodent April 05, 2010
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