Mavs Fan For Life. One who supported the Dallas Mavericks through the dreadful 90's.
"I survived the Cherokee Parks/Lorenzo Meyer/Tony Dumas days. I'm a MFFL"
by Mavs Man August 3, 2007
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Acronym for "Mavericks Fan For Life". References the professional NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks based in Texas. Usually can find the team's owner, Mark Cuban, wearing a shirt displaying the acronym.
I wish everyone would become a MFFL!
by JimmyJamesTX June 6, 2006
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Acronym for MOTHER FUCKERS FOR LIFE! It is used to describe bros that are down with that true ass dope shit. They like to fuck bitches, get money, kill niggas, and yell out expletives at random people.

It is also the name for a band, under the genre of humorous rap.
Cody: I love you man

Mason: I love you too man

Cody: You know what that means???

Mason: Yea nigga! We are MFFL!!!!
by dragonbasketball43 June 4, 2009
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The Mactown Fantasy Football League (MFFL) © est. 2016 is an elite group of Macedonia, OH men, gloriously united by God’s greatest creation on Earth, professional football. On a warm summer evening, these twelve men can often be found tossing cornhole bags at a local grad party or happily playing drinking games in a suburban backyard. However, when the crisp winds of September start to swirl around the Cleveland air, all camaraderie that these twelve share is thrown out the window. These men are some of the fiercest most elite competitors on the planet causing many to refer the the MFFL as "America's Fantasy League".
"Hey did you see the MFFL preseason rankings just came out?"
"Yeah man I think Hot Chubb Time Machine might be able to make a run at the MFFL title this year"
by MFFL Secretary of Defense March 24, 2021
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