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1. A carefree episode or adventure while under the influence of methamphetamine- usually wild and exciting, but not necessarily lawful.

2. An adventure lasting all night or maybe days in which one does things as a result of paranoia and sleep deprivation highly questionable and completely irrational to those sober but making complete sense to those under the influence.
Your neighborhood diggling methscapades are going to get us arrested. Hurry up and put their bike, car, and cat back together before they wake up in an hour.

Dude this tweaker bitch just stole my wallet and my identity and now she is a millionaire in Nicaragua and may even be the president, so that means I am actually the president. We gotta stop her before she or actually I take take over the country. I'm so sick of her methscapades. We gotta find her.
by hhillkillz January 18, 2011
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