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Everyday jobs of your average tweaker. Yes I said tweaker. There is just something about mething around smoking ice from my water pipe that tickles my fancy. Get the ball rolling on a new project and prepare to spend hours or days not finishing what you started. So hop on the ice pony and let the magic happen!
Chris: Cass, why are you mething around without me?
Cass: What? Um, I'm not mething around... I'm just holding it for you..
Chris: That's what she said.
by Earhustlerfolyfe February 06, 2019
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The act of doing stupid things while smoking meth.
He's been up for days mething around
by donewntcrzy June 01, 2016
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When someone is on the narcotic methamphetamine, they are said to be “mething around
I was so lit last night, still tweaking!

Oh boy, you gotta stop mething around
by Kerri4real July 19, 2018
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