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Noun- Subject to, but not limited to, listed traits:

1. The type of Hmong girl that has lived in the States for most of her life but talks like she just got off the boat.

2. She uses cute FB phrases like "FML" in actual conversations and adds "s"s to words that are already in their plural form.

3. Is a pure-bread so she's usually gorgeous, but doesn't like to conform to traditions in the entire sense:

(a) dates prominently white males but might date an Americanized Asian.
(b) She parties like a white girl for the better half of week nights but likes to follow it with Pho or Papaya Salad.

So in summation she is most often to be found the perfect combination of a beautiful culture (Hmong) and the American dream.
Did you see the *ss on that crazy MCV?! Heard she parties with CC!!
by CCbetterCCme October 21, 2010
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