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Def 1: To take a massive dump; leave a shit stain on the seat for someone else to clean; to leave a brown bass streak stain on and in the toilet that can only be removed by a hazemat team.

Def 2: to smell like a bear that bathes with dead skunks in a 3rd world sewer system.

Def 3: the inability to improve in performance at their job because they reached their peak 30 years ago and just will not retire or die, instead they find solace in sleeping on the job whilst others have to suffer by picking up the slack.

Def 4: to simply take off of work at any whim or desire despite who it affects, because they need to reduce as much accumulated vacation time as possible before not retiring... ever; in turn screwing everyone else over who would take off the day because they have much more important things to do than "mow their grass" for the 3rd time in a week.

Def 5: someone who will do anything for you provided it benefits them greater than it does you.
Synonym: Shitbag Mother Fucker
Hey boy! Where's your shitter, 'cause that Mexican Food is hittin' hard. I gotta go take a MCRAY!
by MCRAY'S VICTIM October 25, 2018
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