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An MCR teenie is a person (girl or boy) who just likes the band for their popular songs like, Welcome To The Black Parade, Helena, Ghost Of You and I'm Not Okay (I Promise). They do NOT know the other songs and will become confused if they are asked about the first CD, BULLETS. Most teenies started around when REVENGE came out. Sadly, they have increased due to the release of The Black Parade. MCR teenies have therefore increased greatly. Most of them are also 'over night emos' and swear to know all about the band, while only know Gerard Way and 'his kid brother'. They have limited knowledge of Life On The Murder Scene and MCR's first demo.
Pretty much, a normal teenie. Just a bazillion times worse.
Fan: *playing MCR CD.*
MCR teenie: *overhears* OMG is that Helena?!
Fan: Yeah.... >->...
MCR teenie: *sings along*
*song ends, Give 'Em Hell Kid comes on *
Fan: *faceplam*
by Jaymiee June 12, 2008
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