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Maurianna is a rare breed, there is no one like her. She is driven and extremely competitive at all things. She is like no one you’ll ever meet but many miss out on her because she is reserved. Her wit and intelligence should not be undermined as well as sense of humor. Her quietness is mistaken for being shy when she is really loud when you get to know her. She has a big heart and values her bonds with people over everything. She is a risk taker and has a big mouth that gets her into trouble, yet at the end of the day you just have to love her
Dude: did you see Maurianna at that party last night?
Guy: Maurianna? At a party! No way
Dude: yes way she was the hypest one there

Guy: wow I under estimated her
by HappyAwesomechickenlover March 13, 2019
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A smart beautiful girl who will do anything for her friends and will do anything to her enemies. She can be moody, but in the long run, you will never regret having her as a friend and will always regret not being her friend
Did you see that Maurianna?
Yeah, she is so awesome!
Let's be friends with her!
by truegirls101 July 05, 2016
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Some stupid girl two doors down who put stupid definitions on the stupid door from stupid
"Hey, you know that girl in NoMo?"

"The STANKy one?"


"Totally Maurianna"
by Terry Schiavo III October 12, 2008
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