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Acronym coined by Ryan Higa for "most annoying people on the Internet." Pronounced mah-POH-tee.

These people may include: the overly used acronyms guy, the attention whore, the hater/troll, the overused sayings person, the overly deep person, the hash tagger, the food photographer, the unrelated captions girl, the trying too hard guy, the not enough information person that makes posts about their current situation but doesn't want to talk about it when you ask them person, the wannabe rapper, the grammar Nazi, everyone on MySpace, or that one guy that always complains about others.
Example 1

Mary: Dentistry school was tough, but I finally graduated!

Jane: Dentistry school isn't even hard, you fucking idiot. Get a real job.



Example 2

Ryan: expect me to forgive you? It's people like you that make me hate the world!

Wayne: What happened? Are you okay?

Ryan: I don't want to talk about it.



Example 3


by RACiE March 01, 2013
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"Most Annoying People On The Internet" as defined by YouTube sensation NigaHiga.
Marsuple: "Chelsey instagrams literally every meal she eats."
Razben: "She's such a MAPOTI."
by janette339 February 28, 2013
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Pronounced mah-po-tee
YouTuber Ryan Higa made an acronym. It stands for Most Annoying People On The Internet

Jack: That mapoti keeps hating on my videos
Will: Again
Jack: Yep
Jack: That mapoti keeps spamming my videos!
Will: Again?
Jack: Yep, again.
by IKnowALot4Real March 12, 2017
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