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The place where all the asshats on MySpace come to get owned by the awesome El Presidente. If you are a whiner or offended easily do not enter! The Great State of MANtana consists of it's regular citizens, i.e. the men, and also it's breasted citizens, i.e. the most beautiful women on the planet.
"Sue... did you see the new MANtana blog?"
"Yeah, I sent hate mail to the writer, and he called me names and made me cry."
by Sunshine! February 12, 2008
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Mantana is an internet gang comprised of losers and rejects who back pat each other to look cool. They say things just to be offensive and outrageous, but mostly come off looking like douches.

They can be found on MySpace and Facebook trying to maintain any semblance of relevance.
Hey, did you see what Mantana said about Haiti? Yeah those little jerk offs always have something stupid to say.
by CarlCannabis January 25, 2011
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The alternative name for Montana. Reason for use is that there is so few attractive woman in Montana to the number of men that it only seems appropriate to call it Mantana.
Andrew was discussing where he wanted to go to college to his friend and mentioned the University of Montana. His friend immediately interupted him saying, " Why ever would you want to go to Mantana? There's no women there!"
by JohnJohnson March 23, 2007
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Another nickname for Montana since the average male to female ratio is anywhere from 5:1 to 30:1 depending on which "neck of the woods" you live in. Also, when people think of Montana they usually think of an iconic image of a rough-hewn cowboy on a horse riding through the mountains like a Marlboro man. It's considered man country because you have to be reasonably tough to live in Montana through the winter months.
"Come to Mantana..,where you don't lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn!"

"No, I wasn't referencing the movie, Brokeback Mountain. Most Mantana men are NOT gay."
by Dr. Nordoslavic January 27, 2013
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