momala is a mother figure, and inspirational mother figure who is seen as the mother of all, or the mother of all. Momala is slang taken from three words, mom of all, or mother's love of all.

In a family, the momala is the grandmother of choice, the nanna; she is a matriarch. She is holder of the family knowledge, the family books, the family's albums, family tree, and the teacher of creation, of children. As a neighbor, a Malala is a trusted guardian, Outside of the family, a momala is the mother of a neighborhood, in a village, she is mother and healer, in a state she is the mother of health, knowledge and creativity, for a country she is the mom of compassion, and strength.

Mamala is the mother of mothers, a mamala can be someone alive or dead. If dead, a mamala represents the ideal mother of all, celestial mother of the universe, the yin (female) creator and teacher, she represent equity, balance and justice. The terrestial mamala is the mother of earth, and Mother Nature. and keeps the balance between the earth's elements to sustain the children of the earth. is the earths mother, and mother over nature,

She is the Mom God.
Kamala for Mamala.

India's mamala is known as Mother Theresa. She was mother to all
There was an emergency and we dropped the kids off at Kamala's, and then went straight to the hospital.
If I ask my husband what I should make for dinner, he tells me to ask my mamala.
Who I admire the most is my high school counselor, First Lady Michelle Obama, and of course my mamala.
by jocklondon September 7, 2020
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A woman who is required to look after a man after he reaches a certain age/condition to help him to understand the reality
My telempromter stop working. What am I dfoing here? Call Mamala!
by FactualFriend April 7, 2021
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