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An expansion of 'Forum Elitist' and other variation of Elitism on the Internet.

Users of the MyAnimeList, who think they are better everyone else, including those who use the site.

This condescending attitude is dictated by one or more of the following:

-Their number of forum posts
-Their registration date/How long they have been using/active on the site
-Their position (usually a moderator/staff)
-How "popular" they are among the other users
-The number of many top rated reviews they wrote
-The number of anime/manga they have watched/read

They refuse to accept that other people have a difference of opinion on anime/manga they like, often trying to force their point of view on others - either via a heated forum discussion or a comment on others' profile.

You literally can't say one thing without some elitist with 10000 posts and his own forum minions ripping you a new asshole. There are some people on there who literally refuse to post unless they're arguing with someone to the death. This is a daily scene on episodic discussions and MAL is famous for it.
Myanimelist forums are straight trash and dominated by MALitists
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by ThisAintOP December 10, 2015
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