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Widely publicized author on AFF,, DA, and Y!

Enjoys Sasuke Uchiha in women's clothes and is always hit on by other females despite her OBVIOUS disinterest. Is a proud promoter of Uchihacest and famous for keeping track of 8 Kakashis at once--a task no one else has yet to accomplish and will be featured in this year's Guinness book.

She hails from Canada and enjoys pie at an almost unhealthy level. Rehab is recommended for her obsessive lurking, though none has been sought out yet.

The Internet must take notice. If she does not get her way, she will whine. If that doesn't work, she will turn bossy. If odds still aren't in her favor, she will whip out the threats...and the Kaka/Iru.

You HAVE been warned.
Person 1: Hey have you read what MAKandCHEESE just posted?

Person 2: Yeah, my porn noodle is all kinds of excited!
by nomnomnoodles! April 03, 2009
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