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Middle Aged Bald Indian Man.

A species thriving in IT departments of most Global Companies. Generally speaks very good english with a strong accent, fixes your computer issues like magic and eats home-cooked naan with chicken tikka for lunch at office desk.
1. "That MABIM fixed my software bug in two seconds, isnt he a genius?"

2. Bhavesh Bhelpandi: Hi, this is Bob, how may I assist you?
James: I was looking for Bhavesh Bhelpandi to talk about a problem with my computer.
Bhavesh Bhelpandi: Oh, i like to be called Bob.

James: eh? *confused*
Bhavesh Bhelpandi: Well, we MABIMs generally change our names proudly to suit the tongue of westerners.
by ProjectFickleMinds January 15, 2011
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