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Mate 4 Life. Someone who you can tell stuff to and it will stay in the vault. You may not talk everyday; they wont hold it against you but you know they'll always be there. You can just pick up right where you left off. You can totally let loose with an M4L. You don't need to be politically correct with them at all and it's all good! You accept them exactly for who they are and they accept you. No judgements whatsoever. You're completely honest with one another calling them on their shit if need be.
Person 1:Mate, thanks for being there to post bail I didn't know who else to call...M4L
Person 2:

No worries...M4L :)

Example #2
Person 1: I really need to talk to you, but it's gotta stay in the vault.
Person 2 Fuk yeh! whats up?
by beautifulkanuck November 25, 2011
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m4l means m3th fo lyf3 (meth for life)
this term is used by meth users, or people
who have "lost me to meth" and don't even care.
If you're a meth user and you're proud, m4l!
meth user#1: m4l!
meth user#2: hellz yeah
by da boss man July 01, 2008
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