1. The master-blaster of Badassitude.
2. A sniper rifle which fires a .50 BMG round and is accurate to ~2500 yards.
1. Dude 1: "Holy crap! Did you guys see that awesome guy over there with the Barrett M107?"
Dude 2: "He is so posessing of badassitude!"
Dude 3: "Yeah..."

2. Doug: "The Secret Service hate the M107, cause any idiot can kill someone a mile away with it."
by YourMom42 August 6, 2008
Something you gave your friend who is really bad in dead zone. And you still have like 5 left in your bank and 10 magazines but that shit is rare, so don't give it to your friend who automatically dies like a poorass.
*chattering with ur friends who are good at pvp like you*
*friend joins*
You: hey
Them: Hi, can i have something
you: sure?
*hands them M107 and they die*
You :wtf that was like my 10th M107. at least I have 20 mags.
by Gomazi the robot June 2, 2022