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M.I.N.F. is an acronym for Mothers I'd Never Fuck. This term is the polar opposite of M.I.L.F. It describes a mother well past her prime who has NOT aged well, and yet tries to dress and act like a teenaged skank. A M.I.N.F. will throw her kids to the wayside for a chance at sex with younger attractive men that are way out of her league, though she can be pacified with booze, fake compliments, and compulsory groping. Young men should be forewarned that M.I.N.F.'s are akin to vampires. Once you invite them in, they will freely invade your space and can only be vanquished with a public denouncing and calling out in front of witnesses OR a stake rammed neatly between the saddlebags (taking care to avoid the extensive push up and out bra) to the heart.
Guy 1: UGH. I started flirting with this M.I.N.F at work and now she won't leave me ALONE. She keeps hanging around and telling people we have this "thing" going.

Guy 2: Dude, didn't you read the playa handbook? Never flirt with a M.I.N.F. That's like signing a contract with the devil. You always get more shit than you bargained for.

Guy 1: I KNOW! Bitch is all up in my face and business and cockblocking me at every turn. She's skantless and fugly.

Guy 2: Bro I got stakes in my trunk. Let's end this.
by Trish76 July 16, 2010
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MINF is the opposite of MILF. It stands for Mom I'd Never Fuck. Pretty simple, really.
Whoo, you see that? What a MINF.
by Huntero June 07, 2005
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