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The actual definition of the following: Whore, Slut, Gorgeous and charming. The reasons are, Lyssy sleeps around. She twiddles guys around her finger and then wipes them off after having a normal night's fun. Everyone thinks she gorgeous, but on the inside she's a little brat. She normally has many, I mean MANY guy friends. Only about 4 girl-friends. She is the queen bee of her school. She isn't that smart either however, she tells everyone she gets amazing grades.

If you're a guy and you get a chance of dating her, reject her. It's most likely she's doing something else to another guy.
(example names)

Brad: Hey! Did you meet the new girl? I think her name is Lyssy.
Darren: Oh yea I hear she's gorgeous!
Will: I saw her in the hall with about 9 other guys. What a slut.
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by cornporn April 10, 2017
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