Previous author of juicy soft porn LESBIAN novel set in the pioneering old west titled, Sisters. Current wife of Dick and second lady only to Pickles ( see laura bush). Also chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (have you applied for your grant yet?). In 2000 during an interview, Cokie Roberts asked about her openly gay daughter. She adamantly refused to answer the question and admonished Roberts for even bringing up the subject.
Lynne Cheney wanted to tell the publisher to “go fuck yourself” when she learned they were going to reprint her 80s novel about lesbians of the old west. She held her tongue since that was her husband's favorite line. Instead she said, "How dare you mention the word lesbian to me. You cock sucking shit stain.”
by T Wade November 4, 2005
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An evil woman that stated on the Daily Show that there have been no major terrorist attacks since 9-11 when questioned about the anthrax attacks, the London bombing, and all the bombs in Iraq that have killed over 3,500 AMERICANS...etc. She responded
" Yes, but we are talking about American interests"
What the fuck is wrong with this psychopathic bitch? For god sakes most of the people killed in above mentioned attacks were Americans and the others were British. So basically what she is saying is that the people in the army, and British lives don't matter to Americans and especially don't matter to her. Now I don't know about you but to me each of these lives are important and matter very much.
Lynne Cheney is a sick fuck.
by Codydaskiier October 16, 2007
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The stupid bitch wife of Dick Cheney. She's the embodiment of hypocrisy. She condemned Eminem's lyrics as "homophobic", yet rejects her own daughter because she is a lesbian.
When Cokie Roberts asksed Lynne Cheney about how she felt when her daughter declared to her that she way gay, Cheney said her daughter never said such a thing.
by David G. S. December 29, 2007
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