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A tool, carefully designed to make life frustrating and difficult for people who cannot properly use it.
Anyone who says computers are "meant to save time but waste time" obviously can't use them. Of course they save time. I saved two hours writing my essay by copying and pasting bits of other essays I found on the internet.
by David G. S. October 27, 2007
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The stupid bitch wife of Dick Cheney. She's the embodiment of hypocrisy. She condemned Eminem's lyrics as "homophobic", yet rejects her own daughter because she is a lesbian.
When Cokie Roberts asksed Lynne Cheney about how she felt when her daughter declared to her that she way gay, Cheney said her daughter never said such a thing.
by David G. S. December 29, 2007
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The Office of Film and Literature Classification. The content-rating system used in Australia. Each video and computer game is given a classification before it is allowed to be sold.

The different classifications - or "ratings" are as follows:

G - General exhibition. Anyone can watch/play something with a G rating.

PG - Parental Guidance recommended. It is recommended that any person watching/playing something under the age of 15 should have a person over 18 supervising, if the content has a PG rating.

M15+ - Mature. It is recommended for people 15 years or older. Although people under 15 are allowed to watch/play it, it's not recommended.

MA15+ - Restricted to persons 15 years or older. Nobody under 15 is allowed to watch/play content with an MA15+ rating.

R18+ - Restricted to persons 15 years or older. No body under the age of 18 is allowed to watch content with an R rating. There is no R rating for computer games.

X18+ - A rare rating that is only ever used for pornographic films. No games can have an X18+ rating. It is illegal for someone under the age of 18 to view videos with an X rating.
Any content that does not fall into any of those categories is refused classification. Therefore, it is not legal for sale in Australia.

Due to the fact that there is no R rating for games, many adult-oriented games have been refused classification by the OFLC and some have had to have content removed to fit the MA15+ rating.

Some games that have been refused classification include: Postal, Postal 2, 50 Cent: Bulletproof , Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (originally it had an MA15+ rating, but after the "Hot Coffee" scandal it was refused classification and later re-released) and Manhunt.
by David G. S. August 24, 2007
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A person used by people on Urban Dictionary to bitch and whine about how he is/is not a goth, about how he's just there for shock value and is a creation of MTV to lure in more viewers and other bullshit they sometimes make up on the spot; just because they don't like him. Keep your stupid, opinionated definitions to yourself, Urban Dictionary is not your personal burn book and stop giving people a thumbs-down for their definitions just because you like him and others don't and vice versa.
A lot of retards who write definitions of Marilyn Manson also overuse the stupid meme, "Oh my goth". Shut the fuck up.
by David G. S. December 18, 2007
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