A person who plays along in a relationship,continuously lies and is insincere
syn: asshole
-girl finds out her boyfriend of 6 years was having an affair with another chick for a year-
(text message to boy)

Girl : You are a lying cunt!
by karmamagic19 January 9, 2020
A person who promises eg. A payrise and a better truck, then dosn't deliver.
"You told me I was getting a payrise and a better truck ..... you lying cunt"
by Loose4skin September 5, 2017
A person who lies for a living, everything they do, say or think is a filthy fucking lie! They are also very quick to stab you in the back and then feed you more bullshit to get out of it.. All in all a complete cunt, see also Top Cunt
Graeme: I fucked all the fit girls in the office, I have a son in hospital and I'm half Jamaican...
Danny: you compulsive lying snitch cunt!
by DJ Smokey January 30, 2014
A filthy nasty name for someone you really hate and know is a boldface liar.
Anthony says to Harry "Harry, you are a lying sack of cunt!"
by Conner Peterson March 11, 2006