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Lyapu Lyapu(ल्यापु-ल्यापु)is a ghost with origins in Kathmandu, Nepal. Physical Characterstics of Lyapu Lyapu are an extremely slimy, and sticky rubber like arms and a soft blob-like body.

The name "Lyapu Lyapu" is often used by family members as a scare tactic to sooth crying babies. The use of "Lyapu Lyapu" is also used to make children clean up after themselves. As any sticky food items leftover can supposedly take the form of Lyapu Lyapu.

The sticky creature is an equivalent of the "tooth fairy" or the "cookie monster" often referenced in the western Culture. Lyapu Lyapu was sighted recently in the West End of Malden, MA ( North Eastern United States, in the suburbs of Boston).

Lyapu Lyapu is closely related to Bhakunde Bhut
"नछरिकन खाउ , नत्र ल्यापु ल्यापु ले लान्छ "

"Don't sprinkle your food all over or Lyapu Lyapu will get you"
by thenepalinightmare August 23, 2016
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