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LuxDem is an abbreviation for the yaoi pairing of Luxord and Demyx, two characters from the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts video game series.

Fans of this pairing tend to either resemble religious fanatics in their devotion to the two or be "torn between LuxDem and XigDem." Initially, this was not a popular pairing, but thanks to the tendency of LuxDem fans to "convert" their friends to LuxDem, it has slowly but surely gathered a following. The fan artist Nire-chan is very worthy of mention in the LuxDem movement, and some of the other more influencial and prominent fan fiction writers in the movement include Laylah (the first known writer of LuxDem) and Fenny Piper. Most LuxDem fans, in addition to sharing a friendly sort of rivalry with XigDem fans, are sworn, bitter, and passionate haters of the Zemyx pairing. LuxDem fans also tend to be older than XigDem and Zemyx fans.

According to its fans, LuxDem is glaringly obvious and as close to canon as a pairing can get in a game with no canon pairings. In sharp contrast to the "What if?" and "OMG KAWAIII!!!" arguments of Zemyx fans, LuxDem fans cite the fact that the Grim Reaper's heart flies to Luxord's hand instead of fading away (with the belief that it is his Heartless) followed by Luxord's apparent disgust and final line ("How could you, Roxas?") as proof. They deduce that if Demyx (who dies before Xigbar, Xaldin, and Luxord) had been in a relationship with Xigbar or Xaldin, this attitude would have been present in them instead. If Luxord (who dies last out of those four) had been with Xigbar or Xaldin, they would have been sorrier to fade (recall Demyx's assumed, albiet probably counterfeit, terror and despair in the face of death). In addition, during the earlier parts of Kingdom Hearts II, Luxord's and Demyx's portraits in Jiminy's Journal are separated from the rest of Organization XIII's, but next to each others.

In fan works, Luxord tends to be portrayed as a charming, honorable, and overprotective gentleman while Demyx tends to be portrayed as innocent, sweet, and pure of spirit, but oddly enough somewhat manipulative. In general, it is a very romanticized pairing akin to, say, Alice and the Mad Hatter when those two art portrayed in some works of art; works of realism are not the norm in the LuxDem fandom.
I read this awesome LuxDem fic last night, but I can't find it again!
by SpaceWizard December 07, 2007
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